Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yelawolf Breaks Down The Making Of His Album ”Radioactive”

Yelawolf on ‘Throw It Up” feat. Eminem and Gangsta Boo:

“It was kind of like taking 8 Mile and putting it with Hustle & Flow. If I got that feature from Marshall, I wanted to bring him into my zone, my culture. And he fucking murdered it. It’s one of those records that, to me, as far as hip-hop and culturally on this project, is one of the most important records because of what it says about us as a team at Shady.

“Us three on the same record is a mindfuck. It’s almost like it shouldn’t be, but it is and it’s dope. That’s the whole point of this album. The album really has this balance of dark and light. Some songs feel good, some are dark, and some are in-between, but they all have a vibe of their own. They’re really specific in the vibes of the records.

“I’m around OG’s like Kawan Prather who brought acts like Outkast, Youngbloodz, and T.I. into the game. He was a part of the Dungeon Family movement and he was a part of the first hip-hop group out of Atlanta to get a situation with Parental Advisory. My other manager Brother Bear was touring with Biggie.

“I’m really lucky to have the industry execs that I have around me because they encourage me to keep it 100% real. You’ve got to imagine that when I’m like, ‘Can we get Gangsta Boo on this record with me and Marshall?’ [other industry execs would be] like, ‘Gangsta Boo? With you and Marshall? On your only Eminem record?’ Instead, my team is like, ‘Fuck yeah. Gangsta Boo, that’s sick.’

Read The Full Interview: Complex

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