Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shady 2.0 Сypher At The BET Hip-Hop Awards 2011 (Eminem,Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf)


 Welcome to Detroit
 This is the BET Shady 2.0 cypher, 2011
 Myself, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf

 White dog, get 'em!

 [ Yelawolf ]
 Put these muthafuckas in a box and I send 'em away
 Put 'em in a gray 'lac and pop the trunk
 And throw 'em in the back, jack
 Ha! Dig 'em a grave
 Put a brick inside that Xerox when I print up a page
 Movin' keys I can relate, cause I live in a cave
 I throw up the A, I take ' em to school, I give 'em a grade
 An easy E for effort, that's WWA
 White with an attitude, alphabet soup is on my plate
 All I got is Zs they sleepin' on me, I can't get 'em away
 I spoon feed 'em inside of a room full of deceivers and clowns
 Who believe they makin' it rain
 Cause all they see is the clouds
 And I watch from the couch of the VIP like a potato
 With a bunch of meatheads, like fuck it, "I'll just feed 'em a cow"
 Plenty of white boys to pick from this year
 But before you pick a pepper
 You better pick up your heater
 Cause even Peter Piper could pick up a mic
 But what it's like to pick a fight with me is like puttin' Nikes on a cheetah
 I speed up, or at least in my case Adidas
 I'm out this bitch drinking Sprite by the 2 liter..Holler.. Shady Records..


 [ Joe Budden ]
 Man, I need the scratch to give me an ? man.. I'm 'bout to get 'em..

 ( Eminem )
 Ayo..Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.. (Here you go..) Ok, go... Yeah, wait..Ok

 [ Joe Budden ]
 Say I'm from the new school
 I'ma say check your tone and watch your mouth
 If they teachin' how to Dougie, then I'm condonin' dropping out
 Forced a while, y'all birthed me and gave me up
 I just perfected bein' hip-hop's foster child
 Now check it: don't blame y'all for being trash, fans of coppin' it
 Radio's the crime scene, the masses are the hostages
 In my youth I'd throw shots, the fan was dodgin' it
 I'm grown: I ain't watchin' the throne, I'm sabotagin' it
 You see that 4-headed monster in the storm looms
 Snipe' em from a distance: the scope got a long zoom
 You Super Mario thugs is in the wrong room
 Got a figure here, you won't get bigger if you on shrooms
 If it was left to me, I'd revive what the game be about
 I done took the wine out of Amy house
 Enough raps from you scrub cats bout cockin' a snub back
 Wayne couldn't teach me how to love that
 But I got this shit from uptown, she my summer bunny
 Both parents broke, but she come from money
 Think my bread is her paper to burn
 So I lock her out, and now she doubt David is Stern
 She's so bad, I make her hit the telly from a taxi
 Then dead her in the Holiday Inn, learned that from Max B
 That's why the haters of every kind wanna send me Llamas
 I made it right before their eyes like I was Benihannas
 Is it me? Or is what I'm hearing just pitiful?
 Airwaves the same, now the stereo's typical
 My skin's thick, so the critics ignore it
 So unafraid to die, you'd think I did it before
 The boys Rodman with the trash talk
 Magical wall with the black ball
 Way I bounce off the asphalt with cat paws
 Glass your, hoodie amass would be the black ? with no passport
 Body be found in a mansion in one of my trap doors
 If punks had awards you status whores categor-
 Probably be that of a war between Michael Rappaport & Kenny Latimore
 I know Hip-Hop's alive and well
 If it died, you other crews wouldn't survive the smell..

 ( Ladies & Gentlemen... {you're scared now} Crooked I.. Get 'em )

 ( Eminem: Make that face at 'em dawg )

 [ Crooked I ]
 I squad a victim, the plot'll thicken when the clock is tickin'
 I caught him slippin', I gotta give a shot
 I hit him with proper spittin'
 Hottest writtens and compositions
 So competition's a contradiction, somebody mention they got a crooked
 Holly fiction we probably different, got Gotti henchmen
 Opposition, I'll body quick as Bugatti engines
 I'm on a mission to get richer
 The sickest lyric kicker diggin' a ditch for different spitters
 Weak lyricists get dis-figured, sip liquor
 Spit like a sick mixture of Notorious, Pun and L
 Get the big picture?
 The poster, I'll roast ya
 My mind so deadly it's just like to being as close to a holster
 It's over, control my whole coastal region like I'm supposed to
 Flow is going postal even
 Open season, heart close to freezin'
 Ruthless is easy
 Approach, I'm squeezin', believe me
 Dopest West Coaster breathin'
 So most ya hope I'm vegan, nope I'm beefin'
 Rappers need to keep it trill
 Give me a beat to kill, too many people still eatin' sleepin' pills
 People sleepin' on my Ether skills
 And y'all ain't even real
 You bout to die in this cypher
 Before you die, you should do the Jada and leave a Will.. fo' real

 [Joell Ortiz]
 I ain't a rap dude, I'm a dude who rap
 Before this, I was movin' crack
 Killers y'all become when y'all rhyme I salute and dap
 And if I blink then remove your snaps
 You ain't cool, you wack with your foolish act
 Skinny jeans don't mean yo ass shoot, it means your booty claps
 Don't play like Tyler Perry
 This the Slaughterhouse of pain
 Flow brown, tight, and heavy
 When it come to 16s, I'm a feign
 Seen in the studio near a needle with a mean lean
 Probably writing bars that ? thieves ? gettin' my Yaowa on
 May all the Olajuwons be the dream team
 This is an all day slaughter
 They feignin' for us to break like Beyonce's water
 The four quarters doin' all the eatin'
 And y'all gotta know why I made the cut, I'm Puerto Rican
 Ortiz keep they fire ready
 And tryina put me out's like tryina steal a transvestite from Eddie.. Hahahaha.. Whoo!

 [ Royce ]
 I'm do or die dope
 And you can make the sticker sittin'
 On the door of that Phantom
 Your suicide note
 Hi Rihanna.. is Nicki living with you?
 Let me know so I can buy binoculars and telescopes
 Hi Rihanna.. I don't need to know you better
 You tell me you love my music again? We go together
 Bye Rihanna.. now back to y'all fools
 We rock out like the outside of a guitar school
 Thousand dollar frames, I prefer to see the world through
 Don't ask me nothin' about Budden, I beat my girl too
 You ask me why I keep her I say it's cheaper to
 That's why I ride around in a Rolls like Wiz Khalifa do
 Rappers I'm your Daddy
 I tell you straight as this
 You don't kill, but your father will like Jayden Smith
 I tell you like I tell my Spanish chick
 You fly, but I ain't going down on no hairy shit
 So get your wax on like Daniel-son
 Or I'ma have to run like De la Hoya in drag when cameras come
 Point out the greatest rapper alive I ___
 Smack his girl on the butt and buy her some red bottoms
 Bring every deceased rapper back to see his wife
 While I'm cyber-sexin' with Jessica Alba via Skype
 I'm on my D-Boy D-Bo thing, spiritual steelo swing like Cee Lo Green
 Get out the camera with your B- Roll bling
 You know your flow is wack
 We cornered the market like a Walmart in a culdesac
 This what 2 million albums sold and an album that's gold
 Look like without havin' to sell your soul.. Nickel

 [ Eminem ]
 Wait can I rap?

 (You da Boss, you better get 'em)

 Ayo...Lyrical miracle spirtual individual criminal subliminal
 In your swimmin' pool

 (Boo.. Come on man, get back on.. Get that shit)

 You 'bout to see peace destroyed
 It'll never be restored
 When I unleash these beastly hordes on your CD stores
 Wanna stop it? You gon' need a priest, at least three swords
 A license to ill from the Beastie Boys, three ouija boards
 A squeegee and please be warned, don't ask me what the squeegee's for
 Or the holy water, acid raps that'll eat these floors
 Eat a hole in a rhyme book, do you see these horns?
 And as for me you ask when I'm gone "will he be mourned?"
 Is puke luke warm?
 Should Casey Anthony do porn?
 Can that chick fit a new born dead baby inside a frickin' shoebox with a shoehorn,
 Smother it in chloroform so she can go get her groove on?
 Can she duct tape and velcro a fetus?
 Joell yo, tell Joe I need his empty box from his old shell toed Adidas
 So I can put these babies in the fetal position, they're gettin elbows to the penis
 Yeah big deal, I took some little kid's big wheel and spit in his friggin' big kids meal
 Quit tryna bite me and pinch me, you win, sit still
 Did you just put your six inch heel through my Benz windsheild?!
 Is it dust we 'bout to kick up?
 Can Yelawolf fit a fifth of rum in a big cup between his stickshift in his friggin' pickupAnd drink like a hick redneck hillbilly will til he gets hic-cups!?
 Flippin' the script up like Mike Vick gettin' his junk bit by a pit, yup, I'ma sick pup
 I'd be a horrible magician, cause I'll fuck a trick up
 Fix your lips up to say something fly, or zip up
 A-B? Lets see (C)
 You said you were gonna do XYZ
 Till you fuck around and get dropped like an E
 When you add an I-N-G
 Don't put a K infront of that though, when I emcee (MC)
 I'm not the king of the microphone booth, its more like a phonebooth
 Superman in this bitch, Kryptonite won't do
 It gives me more power, I bump the fat boys and
 Eat rat poison and take meteor showers
 Fresh outta the mental hospital and
 Me not flossing a middle finger while I hop in a mosh pit
 It'll be like Nas doing Gospel or R&B... you crazy?
 Me pushing up daises?
 That thought is impossible
 Is it flashing across the news? Pause the news
 Was caught with a prostitute
 With a huge Johnson, boobs, and a monstrous tube of lube
 And a bra, some boots, some panties, and a aqua blue Monster
 Swallowin' a popsicle, playin' tonsil pool
 So kill the rumors it ain’t happenin'
 I'ma rap till I'm fossil fuel...

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